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“Welcome to the Articles/Handouts Section of Youth Storytelling. You may use the articles/handouts for educational purposes only. The rights belong to the authors. If you choose to publish an article/handout, please contact the author. We hope that you will be encouraged to also bring in a storyteller that has graciously provided to this learning environment. This is far from complete. Please help build the toolbox and send an article. You can send an email to Kevin on this site under the contact section.

Enjoy the tool box, we hope that it supplies you with exactly what you need to help continue youth storytelling.

These files are in pdf form. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you may download it from Adobe's Website.

To download these pdf files, use your mouse and right click on a link below. Choose to "Save Link As" or "Save Target As," depending on which browser you use. In the window that pops up, choose a path on your computer to save the file. Make sure to make a note of where it saves. Wait for the file to download. (Your download may take a few minutes, depending on your download speed.)

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A Smaller Voice Can Make A Loud Sound

Kevin Cordi

Building a Storytelling Club

Judy Sima

Coaching Youth Storytellers

Kevin Cordi

Chiseled in Stone: Using Stories for Lessons that Last with Children

Randel McGee

The Dove and the Dragon: Binding Adult Objectives and Children’s Needs in Storytelling

Judith Black

Encouraging Kids to be Storytellers

Carol Krakower

Fighting For The Soul

Judith Black

Five Ideas Or Concepts That Adults Should Know When Helping Youth Be Storytellers

Mia Lieberman

Getting it Off the Page

Judith Black

Good To The Last Drop:

Kendall Haven

How Do Storytellers Help Novice Storytellers Learn the Craft?

Kevin Cordi

If You Want to Empower Someone, Listen to Them

Kevin Cordi

Katie's Article

Katie Latimer

Kids as Storytellers: Let the Festival Begin!

Darlene J. Neumann

Kindred Keepsakes: Inspiring Children to Write through Oral History Storytelling

Lainie Levin

The Magic of the Story Bag

Michael D. McCarty

Nature Stories

Judith Black

Note from New Mexico

Emily Sartin

Parents as Storytellers

Judith Costello

Points of Entry: Macon Conference Keynote

Sherry Norfolk

Preschool Audiences

Joey Talbert

Quiet Moments in Learning-Japanese and Americans Listening to Each Other

Kevin Cordi

Story Activities

Michael Parent

Storyteller's Pledge

Kevin Cordi

Storytelling Curriculum

Kevin Cordi

Storytelling Prompts

Kevin Cordi

Storytelling Tips

Andy Fraenkel

Storytelling Tips

Connie Regan-Blake

Storytelling and Youth: An Emerging Force for Social Change

Andre Heuer

Student Storytellers

Kendall Haven

TELL TALES: Create a Storytelling Festival with Your Class

Tom McCabe

Teen Tellers Speak Out: Leaders of Now & Future

Rachel Hedman

The Country Hears Young Voices

Kevin Cordi

The Story Box Travels Again!

Kevin Cordi

Then There was HOPE

Scott W. Smith   ** NEW **

Tips and Tools for Storytellers

Scott Smith

What I Believe, Do or Know as a Storytelling Coach (Thoughts on Coaching)

Marni Gillard

Why Bother: The Use of Storytelling in the Classroom

Judith Black

Youth and Storytelling

Kevin Cordi

Youth Storytelling: Building a Legacy

Kevin Cordi

Youth Tellabration Pledge

Kevin Cordi

This is an article about a storyteller named Don Hall who talks about his experience having youth for tough areas tell their stories of their lives.
WARNING: There is some language that you might want to watch on this, but I found the article revealing.

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